Big Game Fishing

Big Game Fishing: Hook, Line And Sinker

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Leisure Boating: What is your earliest memory of fishing and where did it all begin?

Sonja Marais: It began at a place called Die Gruis past Uilenskraalmond in 2013. My husband was participating in a shore angling social competition and he invited me along as a guest angler. He casted the sinker along with the bait and he placed the rod in the rod stand and walked away to go bait the second rod. I saw the rod bending so I grabbed it and started fighting the fish. I screamed for him for help. The adrenalin rush was so amazing and feeling of the fish fighting on the end of the line. I landed my first catch which was a beautiful White Steenbras of 3kg, caught on a multiplier reel.

Leisure Boating: When did you realise that you had a knack for fishing?

Sonja Marais: The day I caught my first Steenbras, I was hooked.

Leisure Boating: Does your husband fish and if so, do you compete actively against each other when fishing socially?

Sonja Marais: My husband fishes competitively inshore and undertakes deep sea angling competitions. Yes we are fishing partners for both inshore and shore angling; we are always competing against each other but have fun at the same time. I love the connection we have!

Leisure Boating: It must be the perfect marriage to have a couple that both enjoy fishing?

Sonja Marais: It is perfect because we get to do what we both love. There is a great understanding between us and my husband continues to teach me, I must say he has so much patience. Every time we fish out of Cape Town, it’s a weekend away together and a chance to bond on the beach or out at sea.


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