The Perfect Livewell

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A livewell that is set up correctly will keep bait fresh and healthy for long periods of time.

On many occasions the fish in the livewell have all but given up their fight when they are removed because their environment in the livewell is not conducive to their survival. The main benefit of having healthy fish in your livewell is that you will catch more fish.

Let’s find out what measures can be put in place to maintain healthy bait fish in the livewell.

It’s all about flow

One of the most important factors that influences the health of the bait fish is the constant flow of water.

If the water flow is insufficient, the fish will have reduced access to oxygen causing them to be very lethargic or even die. If the flow of water is too great, the fish can also die from over-exertion, so the flow in your livewell needs to be just right.



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