Big Game Fishing

Big Game Fishing: How To Win A Fishing Competition

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Usually, we start out fishing as youngsters and try our best to catch fish, any fish, with limited knowledge of baits, rods and reels. Then, as we start attaining success, our knowledge of the sport increases and our catches improve.

Once we figure out how to land the big fish, then we want to take our fishing up another level and compete against other anglers for the top accolades in competition fishing. We want to pit ourselves against other anglers because competition fishing is the ultimate expression of this wonderful sport.

But are there certain skills that we can use on the day to improve our chances? The answer is a resounding yes. Being competitive in competition fishing requires a clearly thoughtout strategy for you to make it to the the podium.

Drop a line in the water with Leisure Boating as we look at the basics of improving your competition performances.


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