Wake Boats: Wake Plate is here!

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You’ve just started out on your quest to become a serious wakesurfer, but the boat you own, or ride with frequently, is not offering you quite the wake you require. This is where the highly affordable Wake Plate from MB Sports steps up to the podium.

It has to be said that nothing will replace purpose-designed wakesurfing boats, something that MB Sports specializes and excels in, but for those riders looking to improve the wakes of their current boats, Wake Plate is the ideal accessory.

What is a Wake Plate?

The MB Wake Plate is a retro-fitted device that can be added to your boat to enhance its wake. It is a suction fitted device that improves the wake of the boat.

How do I create perfect wake?

The fundamentals required for premium wakesurfing are, a good hull shape, the correct weighting of the boat and boat length. All play a major part in creating the perfect wake.

Many older boats can easily be retro-fitted with extra weight or ballast bags, but the one thing that will always remain constant is the hull shape and length, which is functional in generating the wake.


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