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Boat Review: Ground Swell 28

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The Ground Swell 28 is set to fulfill the needs of many boaters. Sure, many companies these days will throw in a bow filler cushion and call the craft a ‘family friendly fisher’ for marketing purposes, but this 8.75 metre is a step ahead, aiming to quell your requirements for a smooth ride in varying sea conditions, and to be soft and forgiving enough for the whole family.

But, what is it that makes this hull different to the rest?

This walk-around craft is hydrofoil assisted. Shaped similar to an aircraft’s wing, a sturdy hydrofoil is fitted inside the tunnel of the cat. By providing lift for your out-the-hole acceleration times, improving fuel efficiency, increasing top speed and improving overall ride comfort, the Ground Swell 28 is surely going to make waves and turn heads.

If you look around at your local marina, you’ll notice that hydrofoil craft are near non-existent, but this can be attributed to personal choice and fear of trying the unknown.

The hydrofoil assisted cat design is impressive to say the least and elevates the Ground Swell to new heights.

Interestingly, the builder, Ben Lochner, says that he was extremely impressed with the boat’s ride even before they installed the hydrofoil – but the addition made the craft better, smoother, refined, and crisper on the water.

If you’re still unsure about the new hydrofoil assisted design, one trip into the sea swell will certainly change your mind.

This craft offers superior handling in the toughest conditions.


The wide 2.8 metre beam of this craft maximizes the available onboard space with three distinct areas. Cushioned seating for four is located inside the helm and a further two crew can be seated, rearward-facing at the stern.

You can safely let two kids sit on the seat, which is built onto the front of the wheelhouse, so that you can keep an eye on ’em while you’re on the way to the fishing grounds.


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