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Destination: Ebenezer Dam

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Ebenezer Dam is situated near Tzaneen on the Groot Letaba River. It falls between the Haenertsburg and Magoebaskloof in an area called the ‘Land of the Silver Mist’.

The reservoir dam has a surface area of 386ha and supplies up to 70 million cubic litres to Tzaneen and the surrounding areas.


Fishing is usually done by boat and there are a variety of different fish species including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, Catfish, Kurper, Golden Carp and Rainbow Trout.

Bring rods, reels, hand lines and anything else you need for fishing. There is a small launch fee that is payable by boat owners.


Ebenezer Dam is a very picturesque dam and offers excellent opportunities for picnicking, camping, birding, fishing and a variety of boating activities.

Expect early morning mist on the dam which simply adds to the allure of this wonderful dam. If you are into photography, get up early to get some shots of the mist wafting eerily above the water.

If birding is your thing, then pull out your binoculars and take your long lenses and tripods along as there is a veritable flutter of birdlife for your viewing.


The Ebenezer Mile swimming race takes place here on the third Sunday of March at the Mountain Yacht Club. The mile was conceived in 1991 and the first race took place in 1992.

The race was only possible after the yacht club received a blessing from the late Modjadji, the Rain Queen.

This swimming event caters for participants and spectators and is a day filled with fun.


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