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Boat Review: River Lounge

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Convincing your spouse or partner for something adventurous is never easy. Why? Well, because it’s so easy to be lulled into a boring daily routine, when really, you might fancy a weekend out on the water, or even camping!

On a recent visit to the Johannesburg Boat Show 2016, I found something that does both. A 40m2 lounge barge which converts into a two bedroom apartment on wheels with full amenities, such as a toilet, shower, braai, bar, music, and much more!

The designers of the River lounge, 6Sigma Naval Architects, have ensured that buyers are offered the best of both worlds, utilised either on land or water.

The ample space offered by all three variants of the River Lounge allows for the entire family to enjoy some much needed time-off on a river or on land.


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