Boating News: Sea Ray 355

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When a marine engine generates energy, the boat’s design determines how efficiently that energy converts to forward motion.

The 355 Sundancer is specifically designed to work with this transfer, amplifying the amount of usable energy for a smoother, more powerful ride. Sea Ray makes this boat work smarter not harder, to get the best performance.

America gave the world the Mustang, monster trucks and the Apollo space rocket. It is also the birth place of the gas guzzler and of long open roads, as well as of NASCAR and Harley Davidson. It should be clear that power, speed and performance are all part of the national DNA.

So when it comes to designing boats, should we expect anything less, especially when it comes to Sea Ray, the most awarded American boat brand ever? Add to that multiple awards for quality, innovation, customer satisfaction and for having the best dealer network, and then thank your lucky stars that Sea Ray is now available in South Africa.

The ideal size power boat for local conditions is the Sea Ray 355 Sundancer, featuring an integral hardtop that provides greater weather protection and amazing visibility through the virtually seamless windshield.

Sea Ray manufacturing processes are ISO quality certified, a first in the industry and state-of-the-art.

Hulls are gel-coated and cut robotically, rather than by hand, virtually eliminating imperfections.

It takes the building process accurately to four-thousandths of an inch to craft a ride as stable and smooth as the powerful and compact 355 Sundancer.

With a build process this precise, delivering a boat that offers protection under any conditions, get ready to enjoy nothing but smooth sailing.


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