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Safety Tips: PFD Properly

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Wearing a SABS approved life jacket will often make the difference between life and death.

Even an impact vest used on a Jetski does not have sufficient buoyancy to do a proper job in the event of an accident.

One of the most saddening facts is that most drowning victims had life jackets available to them yet chose not to wear them.

Trying to find a life jacket when the boat is in distress is often too late.

If you’re already in the water, the chances of you finding a flotation device are slim.

It is clear that wearing a life jacket is the right thing to do for any boater … any boater with any sense that is.

Most boating accidents have a predictable conclusion and that is, those on the boat usually end up in the water, fighting for their lives.

Without the required PFD, you are just limiting your chances of survival.

Stats tells us

Capsizing boats and people falling overboard contribute a whopping 60 percent of all boating fatalities.

A more worrying stat is that 90 percent of drowning victims would have survived the capsize, or a fall overboard, if they had been wearing a life jacket.

Try and tread water for half an hour in a pool without a PFD, it’s not easy.

Another interesting stat is that many people involved in boating accidents end up falling into the water with some sort of injury.

Could you tread water for any length of time if you were injured?


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