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Boating Tips: Anchors Aweigh

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If you own a boat, the chances are very good you own an anchor and at some time in your boating endeavours you will want to put down anchor and throw a line into the water, have lunch with friends, go for a swim or stay overnight.

In more dire circumstances, you might need to control the boat with your anchor in bad weather if your engine(s) fail and you are being blown towards shallow waters
or other boats.

Leisure Boating finds out more about the different types of anchors and their uses.


1. Fluke or Danforth anchors
2. Plow anchor
3. Mushroom anchor

Always remember to ask your local marine dealer if you are unsure which anchor is most suited to the waters you will be using it in. Anchors all have something attaching them to the boat and this is called an anchor rode, which usually consists of a chain, line, or a combination of the two.

The entire anchor system which includes shackles, rode and anchor is termed ground tackle. The amount of rode (scope or length from boat to anchor) is highly dependent on the water depth and the weather conditions.

In other words, the more severe the weather and the deeper the water, the more rode there will be.


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