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Boating Tips: Our Top Towing Checklist

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•  Make sure the trailer is in a level towing position.
•  Check tyre pressures on the trailer and the tow vehicle.
•  Check the tread on the tyres of the trailer and the tow car.
•  Ensure that the trailer wheel hubs have the proper bearing lubrication.
•  Ensure that the wheel nuts on the trailer and the tow car are correctly tightened.
•  Outboard motors and stern drives should always be towed in the ‘up’ position.
•  Secure any boat covers properly so that they do not come loose when the boat is towed.
•  Connect and check the trailer lights (brake, indicator, reverse lights) to ensure they are working correctly.
•  Connect the safety chains or cables as well as the breakaway cable.
•  Tighten the transom tie-downs.
•  Make sure all equipment is safe and properly secured on the boat.


•  Back the tow vehicle with the trailer down far enough to ensure cooling water can be picked up by the motor.
•  Put the handbrake on and leave the vehicle in park if it is an automatic, or one of the forward gears if it is a manual car.
•  Lower the outboard or stern drive into the water.
•  Start the motor(s) and allow to warm up for a few minutes.
•  Disconnect the winch hook from the bow eye and then launch the boat.
•  Once the boat is clear, remove the tow vehicle from the slipway.


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