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Boating Tips: Stranded at Sea

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As a responsible sea-goer, it’s up to you to let someone staying behind know your predicted float plan and a time you should be back by. But even if you do, anything can happen on the water. Let’s paint a very possible picture; you go out for the day on your boat but engine problems arise and you are out of contact. You’re stranded at sea and you are not sure how many days, weeks or even months you will have to survive for. How will you survive?

Water, water everywhere

At some stage, the water bottle you packed will be empty, but drinking water is necessary for your survival, so the ability to make your own is imperative. Any form of plastic sheeting, tarpaulin or even a raincoat can be used to trap water. Fashion the plastic sheet so that it funnels moisture and rainwater into a container or plastic bottle. Remember to never drink salt water as the high salt content will dramatically increase dehydration and can even cause kidney failure.

As the days pass and the situation becomes dire, decisions need to be made. You’ve seen Bear Grylls do the impossible and drink some of ‘his own’. The question is, will you? Survival experts are split on what’s right. Some say that the 95% water content will sustain you while others say it’s the remainder 5% that will dehydrate you and make matters worse.


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