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Fishing tips: Charter boat captain Rob Naysmith

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With many years of deep sea fishing and charter boat action under his belt, we get up close and personal with the owner of the charter fishing boat Jabulani  to find out some of the trade secrets that have led to his success. The name Jabulani, incidentally, means rejoice, a place of happiness, so it was characteristic to be met by the smiling face of Rob Naysmith on the day of the interview.

On arrival at his home, it quickly became clear to me that fishing has permeated Rob’s life, as his home had taken on the proportions of a fishing tackle shop! Normal household’s have clear and clean dining tables and counters which are free of clutter but neither Rob, nor his household conform to the norms we are used to. He is definitely the captain of his own houseboat, excuse the pun!

The kitchen counter had various large hooks, leader line, and of course pliers, clippers and an underwater camera adorning it – among numerous other items. Rob muttered something about an expensive lure he purchased that doesn’t work as he ushered me to the dining table for our pow-wow. The dining table was also piled high with other lures, reels, hooks and a variety of other fishing paraphernalia that was being readied for his next charter trip. Jabulani stood resolutely on the trailer outside with its two Mercury 115 hp SeaPro engines looking resplendent in their newness. “Fire away!” says Rob with his trademark smile.


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