Brylcreem and Boardshorts

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There’s always one: “the oke” who comes brandishing only a boep and boardshorts, yet he makes it onto the A-list of invitees for the boat party. This boet, armed with his ‘deep south’ way of speaking, brings nothing to the party – not even a T-shirt. He has a massive thirst for whatever beverages are available and to make matters worse, he can’t fish and ends up eating all the chow! For him, waterskiing isn’t an option, so forget that tight turn to send him on a scenic tour through the campsite. In light of the boarder who always seems to get the boat party to DEFCON level 1, we delve into the depths of being a good guest to ensure you’re invited back.



If you’ve been invited to spend the day on a boat, or to a boat party, come prepared with food. A packet of crisps doesn’t cut it. Don’t arrive with nothing and then proceed to eat everyone else out of house and home. Bring more than your fair share of food; you are going to get hungry!

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