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Destination: Gariep Dam

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The Gariep Dam is a water sports and aerial sports gem that lies between the borders of the Free State and the Eastern Cape.

It was formerly known as the Hendrik Verwoerd Dam and is the largest manmade reservoir in South Africa. It has a surface area of 360 square kilometres offering ideal inland conditions while supporting a variety of water sports.

Many events

Gariep Dam hosts a variety of national and international sports events such as the Gariep 500 Rubber Duck Race.

For more information on events and charters, go to the Gariep Dam website.

Let’s go gliding

The Gariep Dam area offers excellent gliding conditions making the area an acclaimed destination for local and international gliding events.

For more information on gliding and other aerial activities, contact the Gariep Dam airfield.


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  1. Steve Feist Reply

    Can one rent canoes (by the hour for instance) in the Gariep Dam area and if so from whom?
    Do they come with life jackets?
    Can one rent bicycles in the Gariep dam area and if so from whom?
    Do they come with cycle helmets?

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