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Big Game Fishing: Top Common Game Fishing Mistakes

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Not having the necessary tools

Any fisherman worth his salt has the necessary tools at hand required for fishing. Pliers, bait knives, gaffs – the knife is imperative.

Having a tool belt is a great way to keep your tools within easy reach and all deckhands should have one. Having these tools on your person in a tool belt will save you having to ask people to pass you tools or you running back and forwards to find tools placed strategically around the boat.

What’s more, having the right tool on your person to free yourself should you get pulled over the side of the boat could even save your life.

Using incorrect or old hooks

There are a variety of different hooks on the market to suit the different types of fishing you are doing.

Hooks come in a variety of different shapes, sizes and designs suited to the particular type of fishing. Also, lose the dull and rusty hooks, because you’re going to invariably lose more than you save by using them.


Overwinds happen even to the most seasoned angler but they need to be dealt with in a certain way to avoid injury. Learning how to best deal with an overwind will result in improved catches and less injury, especially if you’re using braided line.

Clear the trolling lure from the water in case a fish bites while your fingers are on the line. To release an overwind, put the reel in gear and back off the drag while pulling the line out by hand. The tension will stop the overwind getting any worse.

Don’t reel too fast

A common mistake among anglers when spinning is reeling in fast. A spinner should represent a bait fish in every way, including speed.

Don’t stop or slow down your retrieve if you see a fish chasing your spinner, keep the speed constant.

Using worn line

One of the most common fishing mistakes is using old or worn line. You may well get the fish to bite but the expensive lure and the fish will be gone when the line snaps.

The importance of fresh, quality line should never be underestimated and it will definitely help you catch more fish.


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