Duffield 58

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The Duffield 58 has been running near daily since her March launch in preparation for her debut at the Newport In-Water Boat Show in Newport Beach, California. The Duffield 58 embodies everything from premium design, comfort on deck and below and excellent fuel consumption from cruising speed to top speed.

“We have been surprised by the acceleration of this 55,000-pound cruising boat,” says Duffield. “It almost leaps onto a plane. The combination of the large diameter propeller and tons of torque coming from the big 1,000-horsepower CAT is very impressive.”

At cruising speeds, the cabin sound is just 64 decibels offering low levels of noise for a smooth and quiet ride. The fuel burn rate is also very low. The Duffield 58 is simplicity at its best while creating an exceptional environment for those on board.

With easy access for maintaining systems, high-end construction quality throughout, and efficiency born of lightweight, creative design and careful planning, the passages will be long and comfortable. Zurn Yacht Design is a full-service design and engineering company based in Marblehead, MA.

With over 350 power and sailboats built in the last 20 years, Zurn Yacht Design is renowned for its aesthetically pleasing yachts. For more information contact via their website at


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