Environment Safety

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Keep it Green

Our planet’s oceans and the vast amount of precariously balanced ecosystems it contains are under major threat – pollution being the chief cause. As boaters we have a collective responsibility to ensure that our fun on the water does not bring about any negative repercussions on the environment so that future generations may also have the privilege of enjoying and discovering our oceans.

There are a few things you can do to ensure your ecological ‘footprint’ is of little consequence to the health of our oceans. Maintain a clear conscience by taking these simple steps to avoid adding to the massive amount of pollution already plaguing the world’s marine life.


Firstly, when you take your boat out, make sure to prevent oily discharges from the bilge. This is easily avoided by keeping your engine well tuned and thereby preventing any fuel or oil leaks. The correct propeller is also vital. Make sure your engine reaches its designed wide-open-throttle RPM by choosing a prop with the right pitch. Adjustable-pitch propellers and modular props help to keep your boat running efficiently and ultimately reduce fuel consumption. Make sure your boat, engine and propeller blades are in good condition to avoid wasting fuel and to minimise the chances of any oil, petrol or other hazardous materials entering the water.


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