Tip of the Month: Children’s Safety

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Children’s Safety

The safety of your children is of paramount importance when spending quality time on the water. Peak season boating is about enjoying precious leisure time with family and friends on the water, particularly with your children. However, the water can be busy and dangerous, so from the outset it’s imperative to make your kids aware of dangers and equip them with the necessary safety knowledge and gear.

Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs)/ Life Jackets: Put them on the children before they even get on the boat, and take them off only when they’re back on land. To motivate them to wear life jackets, take them to your nearest Honda Marine dealer and let them choose one which is to their liking. Another major motivator for them to wear life jackets is if all the adults wear them at all times when on the boat, thereby setting an example for the young ones to follow.

Sunscreen and Hat: Never underestimate the power of the sun and the reflecting UV rays when you’re on the water, even when it’s cloudy, in fact, especially when it’s cloudy. Ensure that all children have hats to wear and that all exposed skin is covered with a layer of sunscreen. Make sure to reapply sunscreen regularly and generously.

Store Everything: Once on board make sure that all gear is safely stored away, so that the children can’t tread on loose items, particularly fishing hooks, or trip over ropes and bags. Often a sharp gust of wind can throw items up into the air that could potentially strike a child, so secure and pack away everything.



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