The health benefits of waterskiing

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Water, sun, fun… That’s living!
The health benefits of waterskiing

If you are the kind of person that’s chomping at the bit to get out on the water and carve until the sun begins to set, then read on. Waterskiing is a great sport and it comes with a variety of health benefits. Over and above the pure adrenalin and enjoyment of the activity, it’s a great way to keep fit and improve overall muscle tone in the body. Take the tour with us as we open the throttle to find out why there are so many health benefits associated with water skiing.

Waterskiing Benefits
Waterskiing Benefits

Waterskiing uses every muscle in the body and also develops posture, core muscles, shoulders and arms. It is a misconception that water skiing only targets the lower body. Toned muscles help increase bone mass and this results in stronger bones. Toned muscles also help in disease prevention.

Water skiing does wonders for strengthening the core muscles. These muscles are used for getting up on the skis and holding the body in a rigid position during the run. Building a strong core benefits the entire body by helping to prevent injuries. With a strong core your overall fitness will improve. A strong core also helps to protect your inner organs and central nervous system, reduces back pain, improves posture and of course makes you look great.

Waterskiing Benefits
Waterskiing Benefits

Water skiing requires a lot of resistance from the skier who is forced to hold his body upright. This is great for the core muscles, arms, legs, skeletal muscles and all the muscles that surround them. Water skiing as a form of resistance training is often better than free weights which are prone to strain the muscles.

Because of the free range of motion associated with water skiing, there is very little jarring on the joints and ligamenta. This is because it is mainly the skier’s own body weight that forms the resistance.

The legs absorb the energy when crossing the wake and when the surface is choppy. This action improves leg strength.

Water skiing burns approximately 350 – 500 calories every hour, so if you want to have fun, lose weight, and get fit at the same time, then this is the sport for you…

Water skiing has a great calming effect on the mind and body. Happy endorphins are released during the skiing process and this makes you feel happy and healthy.

All forms of physical exercise, skiing included, improve health and reduce harmful effects such as high blood pressure, obesity and heart attacks.

Water skiing is a wonderful sport for the entire family to enjoy. Not only are there very good health benefits associated with water skiing, there’s a whole lot of fun involved as well.


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