Interesting products on the global marine market

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Leisure Boating looks at a few innovative marine products from around the world designed to ease and improve your overall boating experience.


Boat roll while at anchor or drift  shing is at the least, uncomfortable and at the most, nausea-inducing. Rocker Stoppers from Davis Instruments help dampen this annoying sensation with a simple, inexpensive device that is easily con gured and installed.

Rope is strung through Rocker Stoppers at equal 18” intervals with a 5-10 lb weight attached at the bottom. Hanging amidships off each side of the boat, three Rocker Stoppers per side will steady boats up to 26’ long. For larger craft, a graduated scale of four to eight units per side help stabilise boats from 27’ up to 50’. They are effective on both power and sailboats.

When used without a weight, Rocker Stoppers assist drift  shing by slowing movement substantially. They also are great to hang below the end of a  oating dock to reduce swaying. Only 14” in diameter, Rocker Stoppers nest together neatly for inconspicuous storage. Mushroom anchors make good weights for use with these devices, as they  t nicely inside the last Rocker Stopper on the string when the stabilisers aren’t in use.

Lightweight and moulded of high-impact, virtually indestructible styrene, Rocker Stoppers are impervious to saltwater. They deploy and retrieve in seconds, and will not damage gunwales.


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