Picking your Perfect Fishing Boat

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We compiled a list of the best  shing boat options for the avid angler looking to delve into the market in search of his or her ultimate  shing craft. If you’re interested inbuying a  shing boat, one of the  rst things you’ll want to do is determine which activities you’d like to use the boat for.We take a look at what each type of boat has to offer in order for you to make an informed choice based on your preferences.

All-Purpose Fishing Boats. All-purpose fishing boats are capable of pursuing many different types of species (both in saltwater and freshwater), but can also be used for entertainment and watersports. These boats are intended for those who fish for just about everything. An all-purpose fishing boat will have a higher freeboard (sits higher in the water) than bass boats and are able to navigate rougher water. The driver’s area is uncomplicated and some boats even come with tiller steering which opens up space for fishing gear and several bench or pedestal-style seats. Livewells, rod lockers, a bow or transom trolling motor, and powerful outboard power are all common fittings on this type of boat.

Bass Boats. Often used for tournaments, bass fishing boats feature powerful motors as well as ample deck and storage room for two to three anglers. They’re built for getting to bass quickly. They usually have raised casting platforms in the bow and quite often in the stern as well. Bass boats have low, sleek profiles and generally have larger outboard motors and more storage space than allpurpose boats. Tournament-style boats are generally of a fibreglass construction and over 18 feet long with 150 to 250 horsepower. For casual angling, aluminium boats from 16 to 18 feet with 25 to 150 horsepower are more common. Livewells to keep the catch alive are mandatory, as are depth and fish finders and an electric trolling motor on the bow. Bowriders.

Often able to comfortably hold between six and 10 people, bowriders are a very popular style of runabout boat with an open bow area. While most commonly associated with recreational watersports, a bowrider can also be used for fishing. They’re designed for lakes and inland waterways, and earned its popularity in the runabout category thanks to the spacious seating in their open bow area. Whether boaters want to ski, swim, fish or just sprawl out and catch some rays when at anchor, bowriders allow for all of this. Sterndrive power is the norm, but outboard engines are becoming increasingly popular in bowriders.

Centre Console. A centre console boat is designed so that the console (and all of the controls) are at the very centre of the boat and are surrounded by a large, open deck. These make good fishing boats because of their large deck space. These open fishing boats are built to take rough offshore waters in pursuit of ocean fish, but are equally at home in coastal waters, lakes and rivers. A baitwell is necessary to keep live bait on board and fish lockers should be insulated to keep fish iced. An aluminium and canvas T-top provides shade and rod storage. Rod holders in the gunnels, outriggers and other gear are also common fittings onboard. They are one of the more affordable options in the offshore fishing craft category.


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