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Knysna Yamaha and Qwest Pontoons

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Looking for style, comfort and luxury all in a compact and easily manageable craft? Then Apex Marine’s line of Qwest Pontoons is made for you. Knysna Yamaha is a proud importer of this exciting range and allowed us a closer look at what promises to be the future of ‘toons!

Pontoon boats are usually thought of as huge, bulky vessels that you wouldn’t dream of ever towing behind your 4×4 or stowing in your garage. However, the Qwest Pontoon dramatically altered our perception of pontoons in terms of their capabilities, fuel usage, ‘towability’ and storage options.

Apex’s Qwest boats feature a unique, lightweight design that promotes easier towing and manoeuvring and higher performance with smaller outboards or electric drives – without sacrifice to safety or stability on the water. In building the Qwest line, Apex’s aim was to incorporate components that are proportionally sized to offer the maximum amount of usable space in a smaller pontoon.

The Qwest’s narrow width and light weight makes them exceptionally easy to trailer; many models can even be pulled by small SUV’s and mini vans. Anyone who has ever towed a full size pontoon boat will certainly appreciate this feature! A compact pontoon boat can also be stored where other larger pontoons can’t as many garage doors are too small for full size pontoons.

There are a few options to choose from in the Qwest range, and Knysna Yamaha will certainly assist you in selecting the best option with regards to your preferences and how you’d like to spend your time on the water – and be it cruising, entertaining, tubing or fishing, your needs will be catered for.

Here are five models to choose from:

Qwest LS

The LS is Apex’s luxury option. With elegant styling, highend amenities and plush seating, the Qwest LS is one of the world’s most luxurious compact pontoon boats. If you’re looking for the ultimate in comfort, amenities and easy handling, this pontoon is the answer. Some of its many features include: 23” Diameter Pontoons with full length keel; contoured anodised railings and rub rail; a Bimini Top with quick release hardware; a deluxe fibreglass helm with woodgrain instrument panel; a JBL Stereo with media tray; an Infinity Speaker sytem; navigation lights; and luxurious upholstery with Ultra-Flow seat base ventilation.

New to the LS range is the 820 Splash Pad with a rear bar setup with three removable bar stools and six stainless steel cup holders, perfect for soaking up some sun whilst enjoying a cocktail!

Fusion Triple Tube

The Triple Tube is a high-performance ‘tri-toon’. This model was built to achieve optimum buoyancy, stability, and lift with a decidedly smoother ride. The result is a robust, responsive performance with less horsepower and, ultimately, an exhilarating good time! The Triple Tube is also ideal for watersports as it offers sufficient speed for tubing, wakeboarding or even skiing. It comes with three 23” diameter pontoons for increased stability, buoyancy and strength; lifting strakes for quick planing and better control; an aluminium tunnel hull which reduces drag, produces a smoother ride and higher top end speed; a standard 8’ wide deck; heavy-duty nose cones with integrated guards; and hydraulic steering.

Qwest Adventure

With its comfort and quality construction, the beauty of the Qwest Adventure is its easy adaptability. Perfect for early morning fishing, an afternoon swim party or perhaps a relaxing evening cruise; the Adventure comes with all the amenities to fit your lifestyle.



  1. Kindly let me have a catalogue and price list of your Pontoon boats. We are in the Marina Martinique Jeffery’s Bay

  2. Kindly let me have your catalogue and price list on your pontoon boats.

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