Interesting products on the global marine market

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Leisure Boating looks at a few innovative marine products from around the world designed to ease and improve your overall boating experience.

Valve Position is easy to identify with Monitor

Designed for use in marine applications above and below the waterline, TruDesign Ball Valves with position monitoring offered by Raritan Engineering are ideal for controlling inlet and outlet water requirements. Position monitoring allows remote monitoring of the ball valve’s position, making it easy for owners to know if their valve is open or closed.

The body of the Ball Valve is made from a glass-reinforced nylon composite with high impact and tensile strength resulting in a lightweight unit that’s free from corrosion and electrolysis issues. The ball and sealing rings utilise a PTFE polymer to ensure smooth action for many years. These Ball Valves feature a large, brightly-coloured handle for easy operation and simple viewing of the valve position. The valve position is also marked for easy identification and a monitor panel is available, which gives a visual indication of the ball valve’s position.

The Ball Valve can be locked in the closed position for use on toilet waste outlets. The Position Monitoring circuit can also be used as part of an engine or generator start interlock to ensure they don’t start without cooling water available. Impervious to diesel, petrol and antifouling paints, the TruDesign Ball Valves are also UV resistant. They have a large operating temperature range of -20°- 80°C and are available in six sizes, ranging from 1.27 cm to 5 cm…


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