It’s Best To Test

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Buying a boat is usually an expensive endeavour, so finding a boat that is in the best possible condition with the least defects is paramount. Leisure Boating looks at a few
key boat buying musts that will ensure that you get the value for money you deserve from your boat purchase.

Tracking with ease

Make sure the wheel is centered at idle so that the boat is travelling straight. Now remove your hands from the wheel and see how the boat reacts. Some boats don’t
track straight and the captain will need to constantly correct the yawing action of the boat. This can be very irritating to whoever is steering the boat, as well as for
the passengers who will feel the constant correction.

Check all systems

Each and every mechanical and electronic item on the boat should be checked. This includes bilge pumps, outboard and inboard motors, the operation of the VHF radio and any other electronic devices, compasses, fish finders, chart plotters and music systems.

All gauges, courtesy lights and running lights should also be checked. If any of these systems are not working, note them down to discuss their repairs with the seller.


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