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Preparing easy food on a boat

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Taking sandwiches, crisps and other finger food every time you take your boat out can get very boring. With minimal planning and following some of our suggestions, not only will it allow you to create some great and tasty easy meals, but your guests will be clamouring to get back on the invite list.


The galley is always going to have limited space, unless you are in the super yacht league. Work surfaces are reduced, appliances are smaller than in your home, yet hearty meals can still be put together with ease. Throw a little inspiration into the mix and you’ll soon be turning out some great gastronomical delights.

Deviled Eggs
Deviled Eggs


Cooking a menu that requires you to stand in a compact galley for hours just does not work on a boat. Guests invariably will eat on deck, so think foods that are easy to eat. Cutting a steak on deck, while the boat is rocking, can be problematic, but turning the steak into a kebab with vegetables to eat off the stick is so easy.


Try and pre-prepare as much of the meals as you can at home. Chop onions, marinade meat and prepare vegetables at home to save you time on the boat. Store your prepared ingredients in Ziploc bags in cooler boxes or the fridge until you need them. The more you can prepare at home the better. By preparing the ingredients at home, there is also less chance that you will forget something.

Finger food
Finger food


In confined galley spaces it is imperative to clean up as you go along because things can get messy very quickly. Have a “crud bag” hanging within arm’s reach to get rid of cuttings. Cleaning up as you go along also improves the entire cooking process and will also allow you to be more relaxed, rather than being surrounded by a big mess.

TOP TIP: A well-stocked spice rack is essential for our cooking purposes on a boat.


Food quantities are dependent on the number of people that will be onboard. This is one reason why pre-preparing food at home, once you know the numbers, is a good thing. Always take extra food because people get very hungry after a day of boating activity and fun in the sun. Do not forget to take snacks such as chips, water, cold drinks and alcohol if your boat allows it. And, always have tea and coffee, as things can get cold quickly on a boat.

Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwiches
Salmon Cream Cheese Sandwiches


If you’re sleeping over on the boat, you need to cater for breakfast. Cereals and long life milk are very easy to manage or alternatively have a selection of breads and cold meats such as ham and salami. There is nothing quite like the aromatic smell of coffee brewing to get the guests ready for breakfast.

Cooking and preparing delicious meals aboard your boat need not be a chore. Prepare your food as simply as possible while retaining all the wonderful flavours and tastes.


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