Soundproof Your Inboard Motor

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Whether you are replacing the existing soundproofing material found in the inboard motor compartment or adding new soundproofing to reduce the noise levels on your boat, finding the correct soundproofing material is critical.

Will soundproofing reduce noise levels?

Most definitely yes! With the strategic placement of your soundproofing panels, the noise emitted from the boat’s motor will be noticeably reduced. This will allow for better conversation during your trips and mean that your guests and family members don’t have to raise their voices to make themselves heard above the deafening noise of the engines.

What to look out for?

When you are sticking down the soundproofing inside the engine compartment, ensure that there are as few gaps as possible. Gaps or holes in the soundproofing insulation will reduce its effectiveness. Where there are joins between the different panels of soundproofing materials, tape off these joints to prevent engine vapours getting into the underlying fabric/foam of the insulation panel, as these vapours can degrade the underlying material and cause the adhesive to decay and degrade more
quickly than normal.

Laying soundproofing panels together

When laying the adhesive panels together, use quite a bit of hand compression, forcing the panels to sit tightly together and thus minimising the gaps. This will reduce the amount of noise that is able to escape through the gaps.


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