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Top tips for rewiring your trailer

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Top tips for rewiring your trailer
Top tips for rewiring your trailer

If you’re constantly bending over your trailer, trying to ascertain where the recurring faults are and why the lights have stopped working, it might be time to replace the wiring on your trailer. Modern LED trailer lights are less prone to failure and tend to have much longer lives than traditional trailer bulbs and, what’s more, they’re not going to break the bank. Here are our tips that will assist you when you decide to rewire your trailer.


Never rely on the coupler connection as your grounding but rather secure the ground wire with a lock washer, a bolt and nut directly to the frame of the trailer. If the trailer has been painted, scrape away some of the paint until the bare metal is reached before attaching the ground wirer securely. Paint in any exposed metal after the ground wire is secured to stop rust.


Provide strain relief for the coupler by securing the coupler wire with a cable tie to the frame of the trailer. Remember to leave enough play in the wire to allow for tight turns. Make sure the wire is not too tight in all the turning positions at the most acute angles. Make sure that there is no chaffing of the coupler wires.


To connect wires, heat-shrink tubing or liquid electrical tape can be used for the best possible connection. Dielectric grease can be used on incandescent bulb sockets to reduce corrosion. Electric tape should not be used to protect wiring as it gets brittle over time and retains water, promoting corrosion.

Top tips: LED lighting
Top tips: LED lighting


If you are rewiring your trailer, make sure that there are no abrasive points on the trailer that will chafe against the wiring and expose the bare wire inside the plastic outer covering or problems will soon begin to occur. Use rubber grommets to protect the wires when they pass through the frame of the trailer. File down any sharp points after holes have been drilled to accept wiring. If you’re wiring the trailer on the outside of the trailer frame, use cable ties or wire clips to secure the wiring every couple of feet.


It’s time to turf out the old-school incandescent bulbs in your trailer and replace them with longer lasting LED lights. Yes, they are more expensive but your cost saving will be noticeable after a short period. LED lights are available in a variety of styles and sizes to suit most trailers.


Don’t forget to display your license plate clearly on your trailer with rivets or stainless steel bolts. Do not use cable ties as they degrade in sunlight, become brittle and can break.


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