Tow Vehicle Tally: Ford 3.2 XLT Double Cab A/T 4×4

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After a weekend loan of the new 3.2 Ford Ranger XLT double cab 4X4 automatic, I was suitably impressed. Over the last few years, Ford has worked wonders with their overall vehicle design and aesthetics.

Currently, Ford produces a winning formula and their chunky new range of bakkies and 4X4s, as well as the redesign of their passenger ranges, puts this manufacturer right at the top of the podium. I’ve yet to check the national sales figures but I wouldn’t be surprised if Ford has outsold many of the competitor brands in recent
months. But, to be fair to all the other manufacturers, the car market, like most other markets, goes through cyclical ups and downs. Sometimes you’re on a winning wicket, clubbing sixes and fours and other times you’re bowling wides and no-balls all day.

Ford has found the magical element, where the combination of price, performance and styling gels completely to offer the buying public something extraordinary. The amalgam of technical marvelry and the chunky good looks of the Ford range of bakkies and double cabs is what is getting buyers signing their offers-to-purchase
with relish.

I was loathe to return my test car after only a couple of days behind the wheel, and this reluctance to relinquish the stately beast is the very reason why the Ford brand is
brimming with confidence. It’s simply good driving!

The new Ranger bears little resemblance to its predecessor and offers a variety of design modifications and aesthetic adaptations that put it right at the front of the field. The interior of the XLT 3.2 automatic was fitted with charcoal leather, offering good protection against all the spills when you’re out having thrills.


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