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Wake talk Part II

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Heel-side front-side off-axis 360 AKA heel-off 3 or off-axis 3

Before you attempt this trick, you must know your basics to completing rotation jumps. It wouldn’t hurt knowing how to do a normal front-side 360, but it’s not easy to drop any bad habits if you have any (because you didn’t read our tips on the trick from a previous edition!) So, let us learn this trick as new – and don’t get distracted by thinking about doing anything else except the instructions below. Remember the heel-side front-side off-axis 540 we covered two editions ago? Well, this trick is ‘same same but different’!

• Start out wide from the wake with your knees bent – this definitely helps to keep the board close when you leave the wake.
• Move towards the wake with a progressive edge, meaning you build up your edge to peak on the wake instead of on the flat water. The progressive edge also builds up your line tension to give you the strongest pull when you leave the wake.
• When you’ve left the wake, keep the board slightly behind you. Push your hands down and look over your lead shoulder and go for the handle pass with your lead hand.
• Once you have the handle in your lead hand you will have completed the whole 360 – just brace for the landing.
• Keep your eyes open and spot the water you are going to land on. Bend your knees to absorb the landing when you touch down, but try and aim to ride the wake down.
• Ride off with a new spin locked down in your trick book. A few things to remember: if you’re not spinning with the board away from you or if it is remaining underneath you when you ride up the wake, give that progressive edge a bit more gas so that you push the board out and away.

If you are going too far and doing a back roll, repeat step 1-4 because you are overcooking the whole move. It’s a spin, not an invert – so edge up the wake and into the air, push the handle down and the board away from you, and pass the handle. This is a really fun move and you can grab it real easy on the nose slob or melon…


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