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Big Game Fishing: The 48th Tuna Invitational Competition

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What a competition this year’s Tuna Invitational was. With many highs and lows for the competitors, the 48th Tuna Invitational lived up to its name as the anglers fought for top podium spots.

There was certainly no shortage of the camaraderie that is present every year during this competition. If you’ve ever spent time at a weigh-in, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

A big thank you must go to Land Rover for sponsoring the tow vehicles that moved the competition boats to and from the slipway and to all the other sponsors who made the competition possible.

Fishing commenced on the Wednesday which turned out to be a good day at sea for all the boats in the competition.

The boats were underway by 06h30 and on their way to the deep after a quick fleet blessing by Eugene Hope. By 10h00 the first yellowfin tuna was reported caught by the boat Motley Crew.


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