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Boating Tips: Tow The Line

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Towing is influenced by a number of variables such as boat draft, boat size, water depth, tow-boat power and many other factors. There are far too many towing situations for all of them to be covered in this article so Leisure Boating went in search of the 10 top towing tips to assist you in the event that you need to be of assistance.

  • Utilising the disabled boat’s line will allow the tow boat to cast it off when the tow is complete. Nylon anchor rope works well for towing as it stretches and acts as a form of shock absorber.
  • When in restricted towing areas such as the close quarters in a marina, keep the towing line short for manoeuvrability. Alternatively, lash the tow boat and the disabled boat together alongside each other. Make sure you have plenty of fenders available to put between the boats. The tow boat should ideally be lashed on the ‘hip’ of the disabled boat for premium manoeuvrability.
  • If you are towing with a wakeboard or ski boat that has a towing tower or pylon, then you’re in luck. If not, you will need to make a bridging rope at the stern to which you can attach the end of the tow line with a bowline loop that can slide from side to side. To cast off the towed boat, simply untie one side of the bridging rope.

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