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Destination of the Month – Plettenberg Bay

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In peak season Plettenberg Bay, or Plett as it is more commonly known, swells from a population of 40 000 to nearer 160 000 and is best avoided. However, out of peak season it is a veritable treasure chest of things to do, offering offshore, lagoon and river boating options, as well as a myriad of land–based activities which will offer something for everybody.

It is well served by restaurants and boutique shops, plus a few nightclubs and bars. Local potters sell their wares along the main roads leading to the town and a few art galleries can be found in the town centre. The bird sanctuary Birds of Eden, Monkeyland primate sanctuary, a safari lodge and an elephant park are all located in the area.

The bay has four beaches: Keurboomstrand, Lookout, Central and Robberg. Lookout has a point break which is popular with surfers who can be observed from the rocks or the deck above the beach. The beach was washed away by the river flood of 2007, but fortunately nature has restored it back into use (2014), certainly bringing a smile back to the owners of the must-visit Look Out Beach Bar & Restaurant.

Central Beach has a couple of marine tourist operators who offer dolphin-, seal- and whale-spotting tours, as well as the ever popular Moby Dick Beach Restaurant, and not forgetting the chilled ambience of the Plett Ski Boat Club which is open to all and sundry and definitely worth a visit.

The Robberg Peninsula nature reserve has many well tended nature walks. It is notable for the presence of Strandloper Caves and shell middens. Under certain weather conditions the waves crashing onto the rocks below the point of Robberg reach impressive size. The total walk is about 9 km which will take you approximately three and a half hours, and is absolutely breathtaking. The Keurbooms River Nature Reserve is spectacular and one can hire canoes for paddling up the river which winds through indigenous forest. From the river sightings of Kynsna Lourie, African Fish Eagles, Kingfi shers and Baboons are common, particularly in the early morning.


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