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Fusion 15

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There’s a new forerunner in the entry level market. Offering a blend of lifestyle and performance in a neat, easy to handle package, the Fusion 15 is sure to be a hit with those looking to get on the water and have some fun without breaking the bank. We travel to Knysna along the Garden Route to review the all new Fusion 15.

I reckon there are two target markets for the Fusion 15 – the seasoned boater that likes a bit of everything, and the new boater which doesn’t want to be limited in choice. She’s at home on estuaries, rivers and dams, but you could also do some light coastal exploring – and a customisable deck selection allows you the option to maximise on the possibilities of the order of the day. Her lightweight design and smaller size means she’s easy to transport and simple to launch and retrieve – all while requiring less horses to power her.

Deck layout

The concept of the Fusion 15 was to create a boat where you can choose a deck configuration that suits what you want and need, instead of what the general buyer could do with. As you see her here, the Fusion 15 is fitted with a centre console; or, you could alternatively opt to go for the tiller arm installation which would provide a little extra deck space midship. Fair enough, there are a few boats on the market which can offer you this – however, where the If you’re hooked on fishing, there’s a lot to get excited about on the Fusion 15.

The Fusion 15 is completely customisable – allowing you to decide what you want. Fusion does become unique is in the fact that each deck layout has further versatility to interchange features that suit the boating you’re going to be doing on the day. So, in the standard configuration you have capacity for five passengers (or 308 kg total weight onboard); two small seats at the transom, a flip-back skippers bench (if you’d prefer to face rearwards when you’re at anchor); a seat on the front of the helm console; and a last seat at the bow.

This is a tried and trusted layout and functionality has always been key. It is however not ideal if you’re leaving the family at home and going to drop a line. No problem – just add on the casting deck and presto, you’re ready to reel ‘em in like the pro’s do it. As a last option, a cushion can be placed on top and all of a sudden, you have a neat sundeck which is always a popular hangout.

The designers of the Fusion 15 claim that they’ve based the size on international trends where the beam is wider than the usual length ratio. They say this allows the boat to be stable, get on the plain easily and provides a more spacious deck to improve the overall comfort level. Measuring 4.6 metres front to back and 2 metres across the beam, the fusion is a nice ‘small’ boat which ultimately offers more than you’d usually get for the length.

A last feature I like about the Fusion is that she has got a wet deck. You don’t see it on boats this size very often, but the benefit of it is that any water onboard is freely drained to the outside and is especially helpful to keep the deck drier and safer for people that have tendencies to slip and slide.


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