SVHO FX & FZ Waverunner

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Introducing Yamaha’s new Super Vortex High Output FX and FZ WaveRunners. They’re family-sized skis which can outsprint most high performance cars, and it’s no easy feat to make a wetbike perform as good as it looks! We travel to the Oceana Power Boat Club in Cape Town for the offcial, exclusive launch of the latest Yamaha WaveRunners.

Perhaps it’s because few boats could keep up with the new FX and FZ SVHO, or because the guys at Yamaha didn’t think I could handle bounding around on the ocean with camera in hand – but nonetheless, I didn’t have the opportunity to take photos like usual, but I do give a gentleman’s promise that I was at an official review of these stunning, new for ’14 Yamaha WaveRunner models. This year, Yamaha launched four SVHOs. In this article, we’re just going to focus on the FX and the FZ since the other two models are derivative versions.

Deck layout
So much has been done under the hood of this PWC to tune it up to an after-market feel that it’s easy to get caught up in the performance, but step back for a second and you’ll realise this is a pretty civilised watercraft. Its broad array of features include a mechanical neutral; the Command Link control centre which relocates the display’s mode buttons to the space between the handlebars and saddle and makes operation far easier; a remote transmitter that can be used to lock the ignition out to prevent unauthorised use, or to activate a low RPM mode to limit speeds; and electronic throttle, which makes possible both cruise control (great on long rides or when towing skiers and wakeboarders) and a nowake mode.

While the top speed and the way in which it gets there is probably the SVHO’s biggest selling point, Yamaha has equipped it with a number of practical features to keep it family friendly. Features which I think are most useful on these PWCs would be the tilt steering; a multiple-position boarding system that uses both a spring-loaded, flattened step at the transom and multiple handholds for easier boarding; and a handy aft stowage compartment that’s great for wet gear and even includes a notch for an attached watersports towrope. The saddle and overall rider ergonomics are also quite comfortable – and this goes a long way to ensuring that you could ride this craft all day.

If I could summarise the performance of these craft by comparing it to one movie scene ever made, the FX would be Denise Richards and the FZ Neve Campbell. They are certainly ‘wild things’ in that they are sure to get your heart racing and will give your arms a helluva work out!


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