F22 Tomcat

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Loaded with performance and the power to please, the all-new F22 Tomcat is more than capable of showing why it’s worthy of being named among the top boats for every watersports activity. The Editor, Dean Castle, travels to Clanwilliam Dam to see what the all-new F22 Tomcat is all about.

The house of MB Sports produces just five models for worldwide distribution, which means they can put all their time and energy into taking each of their craft from being great to even better – without overlooking any detail, thereby maintaining the highest level of quality. The F22 is widely regarded as one of the bigger gems in the crown, but this isn’t just any run-of-the-mill watersports boat. In fact, the F22 Tomcat you see in the accompanying pictures is actually the personal boat of the South African importer – and he chose this one above any other wakecraft for good reason. Let’s take a look at what makes the F22 so desirable.

Deck layout
I don’t want to harp on about stuff that any guy with a picture of this boat can tell you. Instead, I’m going to get stuck into the middle like the fifth clown in a car.

Onboard, there’s heaps of storage – under every seat, in each nook, and indeed every cranny – no matter what you’ll need for the day, there’s a place to store it safely, ready, but out of the way. There’s no ski hatch in the deck because of the ballast system (read further on and you’ll see why), but larger equipment such as surfboards can fit in the cargo bay(s) alongside the engine – should the swivel board racks on the tower already be full.

The F22 Tomcat features MB’s signature pickle fork design. Innovative and modern, this twintip feature is designed to trap air underneath the hull to form a cushion and give the boat a super stable ride. A double-benefit of this is that it also allows the bow to be wider further forward for a more spacious and comfy time on the water.

The F22 offers a Wetsounds speaker package, which, together with the Bluetooth/CD/radio head unit and Wetsounds amplifier, pumps enough volume for everyone else on the lake forced to like your choice of music! At the wheel, the dash is kept pretty simplistic and uncluttered. You get a great view around the craft and the throttle sits in just the right spot.


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