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New ‘toon gives a clean sweep! Qwest LS 7520

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You’re no ordinary boater. You like your style and you like your cruising – but most of all,
you like your comfort. That’s why no ordinary pontoon boat will do.
The Editor, Dean Castle, travels to Knysna for a full day of ‘proper’ boating on the Qwest LS 7520.

Qwest pontoon boats aren’t exactly new to the boating market. However, although the company stems back 24 years, this is the first model to ever officially hit South African waters. Made in the States by American workers and with American components, Apex Marine pride themselves on having an advanced manufacturing process, progressive ideas, exclusive features and exceptional quality. It’s no wonder that they feel as though they’re recreating recreation. Let’s see what this pontoon brings to the table…

Deck layout
Pontoon boats, by nature, are built to be big in order to offer plenty of space while being luxurious and comfortable; and that’s exactly what the Qwest range of pontoon boats aims to achieve – except for the part about being big. Qwests are in fact compact pontoon boats but while you are ‘sacrificing’ a little in the overall length, the feeling inside feels as roomy as ever; plus, the shorter than average length at 6.3 metres makes this pontoon boat much more manageable, both in the water and on the trailer, especially since the craft alone weighs just 658 kilograms! This Qwest is an exclusive in that it’s a 7520 model, built almost exclusively for South Africa. Measuring 7.5 feet across the beam (2.3 metres), this craft is actually the company’s popular 820 model, just shrunk a smidgeon to meet our trailering standards. On board, you’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted from a compact, affordable pontoon boat, like plenty of seating, ample storage, and a high level of comfort.

The 7520 Qwest is aimed at being a party barge, so there’s quite a bit to get excited about; like a maximum capacity of 10 passengers on board – and to keep you on board and feeling safe, there are four doors which lock properly. Seating seems to have been one of the high priorities on the Qwest 7520 and there’s plenty of it! At least four of your guests can be soaking up the sun on the bow – and if you want, you can install the neat cockpit table – and a further four can easily fit in at the stern. But if you’re looking for the best seat in the house, you’re going to want to be behind the wheel. The skippers chair has arm rests which can be lifted out of the way while the chair itself swivels and slides depending on where’s most comfortable for you. What’s more, you’re also seated behind a premium helm which offers glossy wood inserts for the luxury finish, a handy compartment (with audio cables!) to keep your phone or other music player dry, and the head unit for the Infinity sound system which has speakers located around the craft. Naturally, there’s a full set of engine gauges too.


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