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Big Game Fishing: High Season Is Here

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Leisure Boating: When did you start actively preparing for the high charter season?

Rob Naysmith: I really start preparing in about September because we kick off in earnest with about two or three charters a week in October. I’m usually well prepared by the middle of October.

LB: When does your charter season reach high gear?

RN: The charter season has a couple of peaks and the first is round the December to January period running into about mid February and then it kicks up again late March into April, and then tapers off into May. Essentially, from October through to May is very good charter season.

LB: Do you service your rod and reels in preparation of the high season?

RN: Every rod and reel of mine gets serviced, starting in early September. I service everything from outriggers, to rods, reels, all the tackle, making sure everything works properly, new traces, new lines and new leaders.

LB: Do your charter clients need to book in advance to secure their spot?

RN: My clients need to book in advance to secure a spot on my charter. Depending on the season, obviously if you haven’t by late October you’ll find you might not get a place in December. By the end of November, January and into February is already fully booked.

I do get the odd cancellation and then the spot will go to the next in line or become available for a client. Outside of the period a week or two is sufficient to book a charter.

All the tackle rods and gear is supplied by me and my charter clients keep the fish that they catch.

That’s important that they don’t have to pay extra for their fish. I don’t know where this practice has come from but a lot of charter boats tend to charge the clients more if they want to keep the fish they’ve caught, or the charter keeps the fish.

My feeling is you’re doing a charter to catch fish, it’s part of the package that my clients keep their catch.


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